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Travel planning

Strategic Planning

To reach a destination, a good map is needed. A strategic plan is the map communities and organizations need to reach their aspirational destination (i.e. vision). We can design a planning process that is simple to fully immersive, for small teams to large,  public or private sector, or small to large communities. 

For communities looking for The Pathway to Success, we collaborate with the team at 13 Ways Inc.

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The fundamentals of a strategic plan


The long-term result(s) achieved through the execution of the strategic plan. 


The who, what, and why that drives your community or organization towards the vision.


A group of desired outcomes that results in the accomplishment of the desired vision. Values are the fundamental beliefs that inform your purpose. 


Individual implementation steps that lead to achieving a goal(s). Behaviors demonstrate the values of an organization/community. 


Achievements that demonstrate progress toward goals.

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