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Community engagement is always challenging, but fulfilling when done genuinely, and with intention.  Skepticism in government-led community engagement is not uncommon. Community groups have been both intentionally and unintentionally excluded from engagement efforts all over the country. A lack of inclusive community engagement can lead to population groups being held back by resulting policies and initiatives. For residents who want to be engaged, it can be difficult to find the time, energy, and capacity to be a part of a process.  There can be many visible and invisible barriers that community engagement professionals need to work proactively to identify and address to support inclusive and accessible engagement.

At Double Haul Solutions, we strive to create and deliver inclusive processes for community engagement.  We want and need to hear from all voices, all races, genders, ages, abilities, and affinities. While we are not perfect, we work to exceed minimum engagement efforts and actively listen to how to make engagement more inclusive and accessible.

We see inclusive engagement as ongoing, even as we work with local units of government, non-profits, and communities to not just lay out plans and priorities, but to implement actionable strategies to make change happen.  Our goal is inclusive, impactful community-driven change. 

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